The Overachiever’s Life Balance Planner

“ ‘There is no limit to what you can achieve’ does have limits. One of the things that makes life precise is that it is finite.”

— Overachiever Web Series story circle participant

We’re excited to help you find more life balance while putting a knowing smile on your face.

We’ve compiled the best, funniest, most useful wit and wisdom from our Overachievers’ story circles into a Life Balance Planner with quotations, encouragement, and deconstructed to-do lists for the overachiever in your life. Want one? You can download one here for free (or if you’d like to donate $10 dollars, we wouldn’t say no)!

If you’d like a hard copy of The Overachiever’s Life Balance Planner, we have them! The planner is a pad of 25 pages, with a handy refrigerator magnet to keep it front and center for your overachiever lifestyle. Email us at

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