Episode 1

What happens when Jen’s new girlfriend makes an appearance and a fateful phone call to Sara sets the family off.

“They sicken of the calm, that know the storm.”

We want to hear from you: What is the most outrageous or embarrassing thing you’ve ever said or done because you are competitive with your siblings or close friends?

2 comments on “Episode 1”

  1. KD says:

    This episode reminds me of my 4 siblings for sure. We are fiercely competitive, and all have different ways of being that way.

    As the oldest, I’m proud of my siblings (I call them “my kids” because I feel like I raised them a lot), so I’ve never done anything outrageous. But I do love playing arcade games with my brothers and kicking their ass (as adults). They get so mad. That’s fun to see. I laugh when that happens, which can get pretty obnoxious because they’re visibly so upset. haha

  2. Alan says:

    My brothers and I have a running joke about who’s the funniest, the smartest, and the handsomest. Also, which one our mom loves the most. . . And maybe, under the surface, we’re only partially joking? Ir sounds bad when I admit it, but it is the source of some good laughs.

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